The lake at Cwmystradllyn
Pwllheli & District Angling Association
Pwllheli & District Angling Association
Pwllheli & District Angling Association

Fishing Reports

To all who fish both lake and river this year, we would like your input for this page. Describing method of fishing; bait or fly. If fly, the type; wet or dry and the line used. And anything interesting that can be used on this page along with photographs.


There will be no exchange ticket for 2013 for the lake so all fishermen must carry a PADD licence anyone found with out will be prosecuted

After the cold winter John Price Owen was well rewarded with a 5lb 10oz Rainbow on worm. And he is now in the running for the trophy for the heaviest fish any method. So come on everyone and see if you can find a bigger fish in the lovely lake. There is a photograph of John with his fish, on the gallery page.

WSTAA Challenge Shield Sunday 9th at Llyn Cefni Llangefni

A total of eight anglers took part with Meical Roberts winning the WSTAA Challenge Shield with a bag of 7 lb 4 oz and Len Hicks winning the O G Thompson Trophy for the heaviest fish with a brown trout of 1 lb 11oz
Our President D W Owen thanked Cefni Angling Association for their hospitality and appreciation for allowing Pwllheli the right to hold our competition at Cefni

Fresh Water Pearl Mussels


The decline of the Fresh Water Mussel in the rivers in Wales has led to a conservation program. The program to breed and raise Fresh Water Mussels, so they can be released into Welsh rivers, is taking place at the Environment Agency Wales Hatchery in Mawddach North Wales.

To enable the project to succeed, young fry are needed as host fish. It is these fish the young Mussel larvae use. In Summer, Mussel larvae known as Glochidia are released and the cycle begins.

Fish of the Salmon family, and Trout in particular are the most successful for this work. This is where Cwmystradllyn has been able to help this worthwhile program.

Nets set around the lake marginsAt the end of October 2009 Brown Trout were removed from the lake by placing several nets around the lake, which were left over night. A number of fish were caught and taken to the WEA hatchery.

Stripping eggsThe eggs and milt were stripped from the fish when the time was suitable. After the collection of eggs had been made, these fish where returned to the lake at Cwmystradllyn.Eggs in the hatchery

Once the eggs hatch and the fry have grown to the required size, they are seeded with Mussel larvae. This is done by releasing the larvae into the water with the fry. The larvae then attach themselves to the gill filaments of the juvenile Trout. There they encyst and grow until the following spring, they then drop off the host fish and would normally be embedded in the river bed to mature under natural conditions. But to ensure a better successes rate, the hatchery grow these Mussels on for between 5 and 8 years, thus giving them a better survival rate. A young Brown TroutThey are then distributed in suitable rivers where it is hoped they will fully mature and breed.

It is known that Fresh Water Pearl Mussels can live up to one hundred years.

The small Trout that had been host to these Mussels are finally returned to the lake as small fry to grow on, and be added to the stock of good Brown Trout in Cwmystradllyn, the benefit of which the fishermen of Cwmystradllyn get from such a partnership.

encyst; to enclose or become enclosed in a cyst.

More information on the development of this program can be found on the WEA website at

4th October 2009: Get Together Cup

Butlins Cup (Any Method)

Total of six anglers

Top three positions

1. Robin J. Williams; two fish totaling 2lb 1oz. Including the heaviest fish of 1lb 7oz.

2. John P. Owen; Three fish totaling 2lb 0ozs.

3. John Otty; Two fish totaling 1lb 8oz.

Get Together Shield (Fly Only)

Total of six anglers

Top three positions

1. Dylan Hughes four fish totaling  2lbs 13ozs

2. Trefor Roberts three fish totaling  2lbs 7ozs including heaviest fish in this class 14ozs

3. Gwilym Williams/ Emyr W Evans two fish each  weighing  1lbs 7ozs


Two anglers

John Hughes & Alan Jones Memorial Cup (Heaviest Bag) 

1. Cian Pritchard four fish weighing 2lbs 10ozs

2. Cara Hughes three fish weighing 1lbs 11ozs

Roberts Jones Shield (Heaviest fish)

Cara Hughes taking a fish of 11ozs

12th September 2009: Harry John Jones Memorial Shield

The Pwllheli and District Angling Association  and the Cefni Angling Club of Llangefni, took part in the Inter-Club match at Cwmystradllyn Lake on Saturday 12th September for the Harry John Jones Memorial Shield.

Seventeen anglers enjoyed an afternoon of sunshine and light winds which made for perfect conditions well into the evening.

A total of 28 fish weighing 24lbs 14ozs were caught. The Cefni team of 10 anglers caught 18 fish weighing in at 16lbs 3ozs against Pwllheli team of 7 anglers capturing 10 fish weighing 8lbs 11ozs.

The best bag of the day with 6 fish weighing 5lbs 6ozs was Geraint Edwards of Cefni and the best fish of the day was 1lbs 8ozs this was caught by David Wyn Owen.

Pwllheli president David Wyn Owen formally presented the trophy to Cefni chairman Mr Barry Grail. Thanks were given all round followed by light refreshments at the Golan Community Centre.

11th May 2009: This Website Launched

The Pwllheli & District Angling Association website, was launched today.

10th May 2009: WSTAA Shield

The annual WSTAA Shield match was held today at Llyn Cefni. Seven anglers took part with the following result:

# Name Brown Trout Rainbows Heaviest Total Weight
1 G. Williams 5 1 1lb 11oz 7lb 14oz
2 E. W. Evans   6 1lb 12oz 7lb 12oz
3 L. Hicks 1 5 1lb 10oz 7lb 1oz
4 G. L. Pritchard 2 3 1lb 12 1/2oz 6lb 7oz
5 M. Roberts   6 1lb 9oz 6lb 4oz
6 D. W. Owen 1 1 1lb 12oz 2lb 13oz
7 D. Hughes 1 1 1lb 7oz 2lb 10oz

The heaviest Rainbow Trout fell to G. L. Pritchard and weighed in at 1lb 12oz.

The best Brown Trout of 1lb 11oz was caught by G. Williams.